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Operating in Space: File Sharing

Posted 2 December 2012 By Shari Smothers

I am a strong advocate of minimizing emails. When working on projects over time and in groups, it’s very difficult to keep the number of exchanges to a minimum. I email various file types to myself and to others as we revise our data. Or I will put it on a flash drive and go back and forth between computers and locations until I’m done with it.

Because I am such a fan of the under-stuffed Inbox, I was a great advocate of Google Wave, a product likely before it’s time. Certainly it was before my time as I could not get my people in my communications to get on board. I never did understand how they didn’t see the benefits. Or, how many more didn’t see benefits because it soon went the way of the wind.

I used Evernote for a while then stopped. I have since returned to it because it is a really easy to make notes on the fly and have them wherever I am. But, it’s not for sharing yet.

File Sharing Practices

There are many ways to share files, today. From email to flash drives to cyber space. I use them all from time to time.

Dropbox Revisited

My latest venture is Dropbox. A while back I shared files with someone that I was considering working with. It was very useful. Recently a friend shared video clips with me. And, again I was reminded of the versatility of the application. It’s free to get started with a limited amount of space.

SHAMELESS PLUG: Right now, I can add storage space by getting others to use Dropbox. This is my link to get credit –

Google Docs Changed

I liked it when it was Google Docs and I could share files wherever I was. It’s now Drive and it works like the rest of them. You get so much for free then you have to start paying. I received comic book files from a friend and it worked well. Although, the file size was large and it seemed to take forever to download. That may be standard. I don’t know because I don’t transfer a lot of large files.

I’d like to know what you’re working with. Share your applications that you like for sharing files with others.

Tried and True

Until the masses start using Dropbox and other web based sharing, I will be prepared to share via the traditional methods of email, discs, and flash drives (and mental telepathy where available). I was slow to get on board with this because of basic resistance to change, so I understand all people are not all using the same technology.

I also have a particular aversion to proprietary software that seeks to constrain me to one vendor, thus controlling the market and thereby being able to set rates. (Yes, it is a personal pet peeve.)

I’ll investigate cloud computing as I grow more comfortable with it. I was reviewing the latest version of Microsoft Office that requires you use their cloud stuff. I was initially put off by the ‘required’ part. I don’t like being forced into anything. And since I am a tried and true fan of WordPerfect, (since DOS 5.0 version), I am more than willing to hold off on MS Office until I’m absolutely compelled to update.

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