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Creating Income Streams

Posted 26 May 2010 By Shari Smothers

I really want to work with computers. And I really want this A+ certification for which I’m studying. It takes time to study it and I need to work. So I’m creating income to hold me until I get the training under my belt.

As soon as I’m finished, I will run out to find a job that will hire me, even before I sit for the certification exam.

“Start Where You Are”

In the meantime, until I get the job, the certification, or complete the training, I have sought jobs doing things I’m already familiar with. You may have heard the saying “Start where you are,” in relation to different things. It’s a viable solution in all sorts of situations, including earning a living.

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Hourly versus Flat Rate

Posted 25 May 2010 By Shari Smothers

This has been my internal debate of late: Do I charge based on an hourly rate or a flat rate? When suddenly pressed with having to give my rates, the decision became clear as a crystal bell. I went with the flat rate.

I’ve read about this dilemma for quite a while and I tried to pick a side among the articles and varying opinions and the unbiased information-givers. I’ve experienced both ways, and I think my solution works best for me and the people I want to work with.

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