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My Design Work in 2014

Posted 21 November 2014 By Shari Smothers

sls-piinkWell, hello there!

It’s been a very long time since I posted here. Not that I haven’t been writing here, and elsewhere. It’s just that I haven’t felt that it was time to go live with anything.

Ignoring that voice in my head, I want to share a little about what has been going on for me.

Deferring to my day job, I have put a lot of things related to my blog on hold. Added to that the web work I’ve been doing for my church and my time seems to have evaporated quietly, almost without my noticing.

Having Too Much Fun

I enjoy the work that I do. It’s taxing and tedious at times. But, what job isn’t, really? It requires me to think, design, interact with others, and collaborate on projects, or execute on my own. And sometimes it’s painfully routine. All of it is balanced enough to keep me involved the entire work-day.

Then, there is the fact that there is always more work than time. That opens me up to bringing work home. That truth leads to me staying late, going in early and taking work home, sometimes. All leading to burnout.

All Work, All the Time, . . . Not So Good

There is a lot more to get out of life than just working all the time. And sometimes it comes screaming out at you from the oddest inspirations [Pinterest]. And you really can’t ignore it anymore. In fact, it’s almost effortless to let it back in after a point.

For me, it has come to a head with the inspirations I find on Pinterest, currently my favorite place to explore whatever interests me. And with the requests I get for web work and design work. And the fact that I don’t want to look at work work, anymore on my own time. I’m regularly being nudged back to where my passions are.

On the Other Side

Every time I’m asked for a special item these days, I put on my real design hat. I’m pushing my skills to the next levels because that is where my joy is found. I find technique videos on YouTube. I use my software manual, and I get busy.

At church, people give me projects and tell me to do with it what I want, just make it happen. These guys have afforded me enough work and latitude to set up a new portfolio. (I’ll be compiling that down the road.)

For now, though, I’m enjoying the creative outlet. It’s like catching my breath, after a long time not.

Fruits of My Labors

I’ve been making so many things lately. I learned that it’s necessary to make an object a perfect square if you don’t want it cut off by NING technology. I found that by searching online for a solution to my problem of my images being chopped up in the events section.

What I make for this area I call because they are small and square, and that’s their job. I’ve come up with some great ones and crappy ones (according to myself). And not wanting to use others’ images all the time, I’m pushing myself to go further in actually making things.Here are a few of my favorites are below. I’ll show more in my portfolio.

Badge-joyseekers badge-Christmas Banquet Badge-corrected081314







I don’t think I have a signature yet. But I have certain things that I like to see. Like, good use of space with negative space that contributes. Color schemes that complement the images and don’t make your eyes smart. All of my ideas are presented inside whatever constraints I am given. I’m working on it.

A Final Note

I break rules, too. The image that opens this post is and initials ball. If I was going to be correct about it, One letter s should have been in the middle. But I didn’t like it that way. So just for me, I have the initials in order, sls. I guess though that for work purposes, I may want to do another one “right” so people will know that I know better.

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