Blog vs From-Scratch

There is poetry in code. It is the lyric that makes the visuals of a website dance. It’s a joy and a passion that keeps us interested in making websites do what we need them to do. If you are interested in a clean, simple website, you’re in the right place.

We specialize in original, custom built sites, and customized WordPress blog sites.

WordPress Website

Even if you don’t use a blog, this site is a great idea if you just want the site built and then want to maintain it yourself. You don’t have to know code at all to keep it going. But, a little code will help when you want to tweak something on the fly.

Or you can simply contact me and I’ll set it up for you.

  • Code help
  • Photo and graphic customization
  • Content preparation

From Scratch Websites

I like saying from scratch because it’s more accurate than what they are usually called, which is static sites. My sites from scratch are not fully static since PHP is incorporated to make it faster, easier and more efficient to update redundant information, like headers, footers, and sidebar information.

Custom built websites are designed based on your specific needs. They are built in HTML, CSS and PHP to give you the best of all functionality. We don’t include any Javascript as a rule. However, if there is something specific you request, we will try to accommodate you, within  reason. If it’s not feasible, we’ll let you know that up front.

If you want to know more about what we can do for you, look around the site and then contact us to ask for what you need.

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