Quick Note on Problem with Version 4.5.1

It’s been a while, I know. But I’m working slowly on returning to my base work. One of them is maintaining my sites.

Recently, I got into one of my sites and it innocuously offered an update to 4.5.1. I was thinking what the hell, I was on a roll getting back into the swing of things. I clicked that little update button and was very unhappy.

When I opened a post, I was in text. I usually write in the text tab for this site because I need to not have all the automatic formatting of the Visual tab. Here’s the thing though. I couldn’t see any of my formatting buttons above the writing section. Then, I couldn’t switch to the visual tab at all, to see if there was anything there.

Working Out Solutions

I made a snap decision that there was an issue with my site and the newest version of WordPress. I set out to find the most efficient route to go back to my previous version. I found a few great videos that helped me suss out what I needed to do to revert. The one I used (twice now since I hit the upgrade button a second time by mistake), isĀ  Andrew Q. Power’s video. I put it back to my previous version and everything was back working. Good times!

The situation with this site was a bit different. It had been so long since I was on here, until the site needed to be upgraded. I wanted the same older version in case I was right and it was the new version’s issue that hung up my posting section. For that, I found Rick Roberts’ video and it was the perfect help for me to get the job done…and quickly.

Both videos are clear and concise, very easy to use. One uses cPanel. The other uses Firefox. Once you get into them, you will see how the choice could be yours in either instance.


Both these video solutions helped me. It took very little time and I was back to posting and other things immediately after. I followed the steps, (after trying to do different things on my own), and got it done. If you think it may not work well for you, watch the whole video and then decide based on your own software technical abilities.

One of the main things you should take away from this post is that answers can be found for what you want to do. If not these videos that worked for me, there are many others to choose from, and books too. Remember, if you get yourself into a site jam, you can likely get out of it, too.

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