Experimenting with HTML Editors

It’s time for many things to change. As usual, that’s a good and bad thing. Change is necessary and uncomfortable. One area in which this dichotomy is most evident than in technology.

When I need web design information, one of the first places I look is About.com to see what Jennifer Kyrnin has on my current topic. She has a great list of website editors.

I’ve been a user of HTML-Kit since I discovered it. A former co-worker told me about it. And then I read on Jennifer’s site that it’s one that people like. That was about 3 years ago. Today, I checked the reviews and ratings again, to see what’s out there that may benefit my work.

Two for Now, and Why These

Two that caught my eye are Komodo-Edit, which I almost tried a while back, and Aptana, which I never heard about. To be sure I’m using what’s best for my work, I’m going to learn these two and see what they offer me that HTML-Kit can’t. Maybe it just puts them together differently and that is what I may benefit from.

It won’t be just trying it willy nilly. I’ll have a list of expectations and see if they meet or exceed them. Some items on my list will come from working with my current editor. Some will come from what is claimed by reviews.

I chose these two because I heard of one, as I stated, and because I liked the reviews and ratings on Jennifer’s Web Design site. A major reason I took these is because they are free, so immediately accessible after the test, if they do some things I really like.

There are others that aren’t free but offer a free trial. And some like Komodo and HTML-Kit have free and paid versions. It may be that I’ll take a closer look at them later. For now, two are enough experiment with on top of my other work.

Why the Current Interest in Editors?

Two Reasons: First, I have a lot more work to do with website designing. People are asking for more things. So far, flash is my biggest issue. But that’s just because I don’t know it. I’m learning to animate things now and I want to be sure that my editor is most efficient for all that is asked of me.

In the same vein, I need to get proficient with shopping carts and the like. I’d hate to have to get so far as to be putting all my parts together only to find out that I can’t use or review it in my editor application.

Second, it’s time to add a new OS to my experiences. A trusted IT acquaintance was touting the virtues of Linux. He told me that I could run it to learn it without removing my Windows OS. Soon, I’ll be putting that in place. And these new editors can be used with Linux, unlike my current editor, HTML-Kit.

So, I’ll be getting to it over the next weeks and will post my findings after I’m finished playing working with them.

What are your favorite editors for XHTML and CSS? Do you work on them in the same or separate applications? Is there anything in particular you think I should look for? I’d love to hear from you.

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