HTML Editors in Play: Komodo

I installed the two applications that I downloaded. And I added another to my bevvy of tools, to be discussed later. I’ve only made time to work with one, so far.

This first one I started using isĀ Komodo Edit. It is responsive and the side area for folders is useful. Like some of the others I’m using, you can change the interface colors, which I find quite helpful. It draws my eyes to anything that might be missing, like the closing bracket. It points up when there’s an error in the syntax.

It has some really nice checks built in that I definitely need to check into more thoroughly. I noticed that it gave me check marks on my .css files when I got the syntax properly. That’s real-time checking while I’m working. Pretty cool, right?

I’m not a big fan of its auto fill, but it does offer some help. I still miss the buttons from HTML-Kit. I’d actually gotten accustomed to highlighting and clicking a code button.

Anyway, it does do this really cool thing in the coding area, it lets me check the color in use. When I load a color code, point to the color and hold down control, a box pops up showing me the color of the code. That’s a great, easy check for times when I think I remember the number.

These are just my early experiences I have noted, since I’ve had little time to explore and experiment. Early results: overall, I like Komodo Edit. I learned the basics easily and got my work done. It’s a good free tool if you want to edit in different languages, because it supports several of the current standards.

I’m running Komodo Edit 5.2. Version 6 is available already. There is a paid version of this application too, just so you know.

What do you look for in good website editors?

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